Welcome to the BiscuitBasher MafiaEdit

Are you tired of your old, and boring streams where the person dosen't take time to appreciate their viewers? Or are you sick of donating money to get that shout-out only to be by-passed because the drag cunt really didn't care? If you're ready to leave your old life behind, We the Mods🔧, and Biscuit welcome you to the Mafia. We're so glad you could join us. If you haven't subscribed yet, go subscribe to BiscuitBasher on YouTube to become an official part of our awsomely deticated mafia.

Who Is BiscuitBasher?Edit

BiscuitBasher a.k.a Biscuit is an awesome Italian dude who streams a multitude of games. Biscuit was raised by a pack of wolves until his loving Italian family found him at the age of two.

Biscuit is known for many things like being an Italian version of Mr.Crabs because he loves his Money-ay and his Meatballs like the average Jew would.

Biscuit also enjoys it very much if you make him a sammich with eggrolls to help him grow strong. Another distinct feature about Biscuit is his beard, most of his viewers call it a bird nest because he once housed a family of Bald eagles in his beard and set them free afterwards.

Speaking of bald, our poor Biscuit lost all of his hair in an Epic bear fight that he won, The only thing the bear got was his lush Italian hair, while biscuit got the teeth, the claws, and the Fur coat he now totally hangs in his room just outside of view.

Biscuit also enjoys art, in fact he loves art so much he got his rich Italian family to re-paint a copy of the Mona Lisa with his head instead of hers, He also hangs this outside of viewing range as nudity is a no-no on YouTube.

What's a Mafia?Edit

Dictionary wise A Mafia is, an organized international body of criminals, operating originally in Sicily and now especially in Italy and the US and having a complex and ruthless behavioral code.

But around here our Mafia is a system of friends and close bonds, allot like a familly only mafia sounds cooler, so please make yourself at home, Angel will make you a sandwitch.

Stream ScheduleEdit

Sunday-Friday 11PM EST Friday-Game Night

2017-07-14-10-26-45- "Italia..a..aans....Are Not Jews!" Also subscribe to his brother I can't remember the name of.

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